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Saturday, February 27th (this saturday...)


Ward Temple Afternoon!

We will be attending the 3:45pm Session.
It is requested for you to be dressed and in the Chapel no later than 3:30pm.


Refreshments will be at the R.S. room back at the Church immediately after the Session!

Thursday, March 18th at 6:00pm.



Relief Society Birthday Dinner!!!

(more details to come! Mark your calendars!)

Saturday, March 6th 10:30am

There will be a Stake Training Meeting for all who hold callings in the Relief Society.

Breakfast will be served and the meeting will be no longer than 90 minutes.

This Thursday (25th):

We're doing homemade face masks!

Paige Broadbent's apartment ( #13301 )@ 7:30pm.

This Thursday the R.S. activity will be so much fun!  Bring any fun recipes you have for different skin remedies. There are so many out there- so lets get creative. Bring a hand towel and any quirky ingredients aside from avacodo, oatmeal, bananas etc.

The Yoga class tonight is cancelled. Sorry for the short notice!

Reminder: Next Tuesday, Laura will be teaching aerobics at the Church at 7:30pm.
The following Tuesday, Paige will be teaching Yoga at the Church at 7:00pm.
Every Thursday night @6:00pm is Laura Warren's aerobics class up on campus. If you're free try to go! You will certainly get a great cardio workout. Several sisters go- so send out an email if you're interested in carpooling (parking can be a pain @ that time).