"Soup"er Saturday!
November 14th, 12:30pm
Church  building

There will be a variety of soups for lunch, spiritual messages, and fun crafts.  Below are the pictures of the crafts we will be offering.  If you do not get a chance to sign up for these at church, please leave a comment or email Laura Warren {wol05001@byui.edu} to put your order in.
These are great for your own home and/or inexpensive Christmas gifts!  You can do 1, or you can do 5- you choose!  We will also be offering cheaper or free crafts that day so even if you cannot afford these crafts, PLEASE COME!  Feel free to invite friends!
We would like to have all payments received by the 12th of November.  Thank you!
Cookie in a jar $3

Frame of Christ Pictures (pictures and matte provided) $5

Calendar Frame $12

Glass Box $15

Options: "Mistletoe" (above), Nativity scene, "Let It Snow"

"Cookies for Santa" plate $15
There is also a "Cute Nail Kit" ($10 $4) craft, we just do not have a picture for it

Newest member of our ward

Brinley Kaethe Briggs
October 31, 2009
8.0 lbs, 20.2 inches

Daddy, mommy, and baby are doing great :)

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this Tuesday,7pm
at the church, in the gym.

Aerobics and Pilates will be the workouts for the night

Come meet new people!

Hopefully this will become a weekly activity, featuring different workouts.

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