I think we can all say that Sunday was a bit confusing when it came to announcements.

That's why we love the B-L-O-G.
(thanks for tuning in)

Every Tuesday Night at 7:30pm:
Fitness Night at the Church gym.
Laura Warren will be instructing Aerobics every week and trading off a week or two with Paige Broadbent who will be instructing Pilates/Yoga. (Great instructors! You'll be sore the next day!)

As announced on Sunday, every Thursday at 7:30pm* in The Village lounge will be our {Mini-Classes}.
Additional information on these mini-classes:
Basically, they will be from 30 minutes to an hour, every Thursday. It will be a class that will help us grow and be better wives, mothers, and members of the Church. And no worries, those who have kids, please bring them! These classes are very relaxed.

This Thursday (Jan. 21):
Paige Broadbent will be teaching about {Etiquette}

If you are interested in teaching a class:
The Relief Society Activities committee wants to encourage the Sisters to teach one of these classes (if you want to!).  One of the many benefits to these classes is that we can learn and grow from each other.

Some class ideas: healthy eating, easy recipes, home decor ideas, cheap crafts, food storage, baking tips, etc. 
If you want to teach a class: contact Paige Broadbent or email the blog address: 77threliefsociety@gmail.com

*(The time was switched from 7:00pm to 7:30pm because Laura Warren teaches an aerobics class up on campus at 6:00pm every Thursday. This is not a Relief Society Activity, but she wanted to let everyone know because there are many sisters who love her Tuesday night class at the Church and want to feel the burn again later in the week! The class is taught in the Dance room across the hall from the Women's Locker room)

Make sure to add us to your blog list or internet favorites! Check back often for updates!

Ward Temple Night
Wednesday January 20th
Please be there by 6:30pm, dressed and in the Chapel)

{treats in the Relief Society room afterwards}

Ward Temple Assignment
Thursday January 21st

Currently there are 3 couples, but we still need 2 more!

PLEASE call Brittany Skousen if you can attend: (214) 215 -0308