Due to the current illnesses that are easily spread, the Relief Society Presidency would still like to strongly encourage 100% Visiting Teaching for the month of November.

There are other ways to be 100% than giving a message if you or the girls you teach are sick.
1. Baking treats! (always a plus!)
2. Calling your girls to check up on them and give the message over the phone.
3. Or a note left at their door.

Remember that if you are sick, do us all a favor...Do your best to not spread it!
And let those who Visit Teach you aware that you are not feeling well so they can figure out a way how to Teach you with precaution.
{The link to the Visiting Teaching message is on the right hand side of the BLOG. November is covered by General Conference. Pick at talk and share the love to your Sisters!}

Thanks again, Sisters!


Wednesday, November 18th

6:45PM session
(dressed and in Chapel no later than 6:30PM)

Treats immediately afterwards at the Church in the
Relief Society Room
(German Apple Crisp Cake, Ice Cream and drinks!) <--HELLO YUM!

Any questions/comments/concerns:
Brittany Skousen: (214) 215-0308