Heads Up, Sisters!

Our meeting schedule is different this Sunday. (Dec. 20th)

We will be meeting for Sacrament meeting in the North Chapel with the 89th Ward and our classes will be combined with them in the East side classrooms.

Basically, we're meeting on the opposite side of the building for all our meetings.

I'm not quite sure if we have Sacrament meeting for the first hour or the third.
You'll know when you get there!

{Take A Break!}

Fitness Night!
in the Church Gym
We are doing YOGA tonight so you don't have to bring tennis shoes but bring either a yoga mat or towel!

We are decorating Christmas sugar cookies! Please come ready to decorate and have fun with the girls in the Relief Society!
Village Lounge

Movie Night!
We are doing a chick flick or Christmas movie. It'll be a great opportunity to celebrate the end of the semester (or let your brain rest from studying!)
Theater Room in the Village Lounge

We still want to do the playdate for mommy's or soon to be mommy's... Thursday morning at 11:00 am. So please RSVP (Laura Warren) if you are interested so we can know who would like to do that.
It will also be at the lounge!